Hamas Steals From Palestinian People!

Thousands of people throughout the world, justifiably, went into the streets in protest against the over reaction by Israel armed forces to rocket attacks. Now, is the time for those same protestors to go into the streets and demand that Hamas cease stealing from the people of Gaza. The United Nations has halted further shipment of supplies into Gaza after Hamas police went into UN warehouses and took tons of material and food. They also intercepted trucks entering Gaza and took cargoes for their own use. UNRWA spokesperson, Chris Gunness, made clear, “there is enough for days, not weeks” and soon supplies will run out. At present, about 80% of Gazans depend on UN aid in order to survive.

Hamas has repeatedly acted as irresponsible as have Israeli leaders in placing their own interests in front of the needs of the people of Gaza. The continued firing of rockets by Hamas is merely another attempt to provoke an Israel attack on Gaza which allows Hamas t pose as “defenders of the people.” Most probably, Hamas is taking UN supplies and distributing them under the mantle of “Hamas” in order to prove they alone are concerned about the people.

The solution is simple. President Abbas must be allowed to resume control of Gaza, an international force, it could well be Turkish in composition, should assume control of all crossings and supplies should be sent in.