Hamas Urges Cease Fire

The Israel government and American foreign policy leaders insist that Hamas is an organization which seeks war and the death of Jews. There is no doubt, Hamas leaders seek the end of Israel, but at the same time they do not wish to witness the destruction of their own government. Hamas leaders informed militant groups in Gaza they must cease firing rockets into Israel. National security spokesman, Ihab Ghussain publicly stated, “if the rockets continue, then Israel will launch a war against Gaza.” It appears Egyptian intelligence picked up evidence of a possible strike by the Israel Defense Force within the coming weeks unless firing of rockets comes to an end. Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar warned militant they “were playing with fire” if they continued to attack Israel civilians.

Ghusain made clear: “Everyone must acknowledge Gaza Strip is under occupation…But we have established a system of checkpoints, search and seizue operations, and other measure to try and prevent rocket attacks because we have no interest in another war with Israel.” Is anyone in the Israel government paying attention to an offer of peace?