Hamas Urges Peace With FatahExiled

Exiled Hamas leader, Khaled Meshaal reached out to the Palestinian Authority urging it was time for both groups to cease being at odds and unite in order to confront the situation with Israel. Recent events in the Arab world in which people of all backgrounds united in order to foster democracy impacted Hamas. “Today,” he said, “we are witnessing Cairo returning to its natural state, after it disappeared from that state for a long time.” Unfortunately, the Hamas chief did not grasp what has happened in the Arab world. Instead of seeking an alliance that would secure concessions from Israel, he simply returned to rhetoric of the past. “The first step (to liberate Jerusalem from the Jewish state) is refusal to negotiate with Israel… and to establish a new reconciled Palestinian position based on Jihad.” He went on to blame Mubarak for working closely with Israel.

Hamas still does not grasp that Arab peoples seek to create a new world in which economic prosperity and democracy focus on their llives not on waging old battles leading to death and destruction.