Hamas Warns Israel Of Resistance In Gaza

The war of words in the Middle East escalated as leaders of Hamas told cheering crowds in the Gaza Strip that Israel would meet a defeat if its troops invaded the Gaza Strip. “The IDF’s withdrawal,” said Hamas leader Mushair al Masri, “from the Gaza Strip will become a graveyard for its troops.” Hamas Prime Minister Haniyeh attacked any nation or group which supports the existence of Israel as an insult to Allah and boasted he was ready to lead a third of fourth intifada against Israel. In the meantime, Israel leaders were warning any invasion of the Gaza Strip must not result in damage to the authority of the Fatah led government of President Abbas.

It is relatively easy for Hamas leaders to boast and promise death and destruction, the only problem is that an Israel invasion of Gaza will result in death and destruction to many people, including hundreds of Palestinians. Hamas is long on rhetoric and short on offering positive solutions to problems besetting the Palestinian people. Israel and the United States insist not recognizing the existence of Hamas nor engaging in discussions with its leaders will somehow damage the organization. There is scant evidence such an occurrence is happening. Not talking with Hamas allows its leaders to shout defiance to the wind and to adoring crowds, but forcing them to discuss and negotiate will reduce verbal attacks and make its leaders deal with the presence of other Arab leaders who are not impressed by the shouting that goes over so well with crowds.

  • Nelson R.

    By refusing to have any truck with the Hamas led government of the Gaza Strip the US and Israel are dooming the current try at negotiation to an ignominious defeat. The US and Israeli governments are like the ostrich with its head in the sand, if they cannot see the threat it truly does not exist.
    What will it take for the US and Israeli governments to finally recognize the fact that the Palestinian people in free and open elections voted for the current government?
    I, for one, would hope that not too much more time elapses, because the people who are paying the price for the utter lack of disregard by the governments of our two countries are the children and innocents who have no say in what the policies of the US and Israel are.
    Should the governments of our respective countries come to their senses and sit down with the Hamas led government, it will take many years before they, the people of Palestine trust that the word of the US and Israel are true.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    I agree with your comments. Get Hamas talking, the end result will be more positive than allowing them to play to the crowd with wild claims of violence. There have been no suicide attacks inside Israel for months.