Hamas Will Supervise Truce Agreement With Israel

The cease fire between Israel and Hamas is in danger of being fractured by the actions of dissidents who continue firing rockets into Israel. However, it now appears likely that Hamas leaders intend to carry out provisions of the cease fire even if it means arresting those who attempt to anger Israel. Mohamed Abu Ermana, a Fatah militant who opposed the cease fire was arrested by Hamas although he thought no such action would ever occur. Saleh Al Naami, a writer for Al Ahram, was traveling in Gaza when a rocket was sent into Israel. He reports virtually all passengers on the bus were furious at the action which they regarded as only helping Israel. Recent polls indicate 70% of Gazans want the truce to succeed. Ghassan Abu Sambah, a teacher in Gaza, told the reporter “people need a break” from violence.

The Hamas government of Prime Minister Haniyeh, is confronting militants like the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine who insist there must be an overall agreement that encompasses the West Bank. For the first time, Hamas is confronted by the idea it represents the conservative force in the fight for Palestinian freedom. It will be interesting how Hamas deals with this new reality.