Hamid Huffs And Puffs

American  foreign policy usually results in our soldiers fighting to  protect  democracy by aiding the cause of corrupt rulers who rob their country blind. In the 1940s we backs corrupt leader Chiang kai-Shek and communists wound up in power in China. During the 1960s we supported a succession of incompetent crooks and the end result was victory for the Viet Cong. Recently, we have backed the government of Hamid Karzai which tends to lose a few hundred million dollars that somehow wind up in the pockets of Karzai friends and family. President Karzai was recently in Washington negotiating with President Obama the process of US troops leaving and whatever then will happen.

Karzai uttered brave words which indicated “we don’t want the US soldiers present in Afghanistan but we want their economic support.” He also insists that it is up to Afghan “elders” to decide if American troops are subject to Afghan courts or their own military tribunals.

Reality–only one Afghan brigade is able to function effectively without US aid. Karzai is great uttering brave words, but he lacks trained soldiers to back up is words with deeds.