Hamid Karzai-Friend Or Enemy?

Hamid Karzai has been part of the Afghan experience since the Bush team allowed him to become president of the country. In reality, becoming president was simply his opportunity to allow members of his family and clan to gather power and use that power for their economic advancement. The reality is that those with Karzai make money and make certain their families live the good life in a nation torn by violence. It now appears that during the past several months while Afghan, American and NATO forces were fighting against the Taliban, he was engaged in secret negotiations with the Taliban. Karzai even blasted the United States for seeking to engage in discussions with the enemy.

Karzai for the past year has been constantly criticizing American and NATO forces for killing innocent civilians instead of the Taliban. In an effort to please the Taliban Karzai just released prisoners who will head for the hills and join their Taliban colleagues. So, what is the Karzai plan?

1. Blame western forces for war in Afghanistan.

2. Pretend to be a greater enemy of the west than is the Taliban.

3. Attempt to form a coalition government with the Taliban.

It will not work. The Taliban is using Karzai, not the other way around. He is simply preparing the way for a Taliban victory.