Handcuff Crying Babies?

The state of Georgia is rather interesting. It is a realm in which those seeking to restore the “good old days” when blacks knew their place and when businessmen could do as they pleased. It is not surprising the police chief in Milledgeville defended actions by his men in blue who handcuffed a six year old girl. The young terrorist threw a temper tantrum in school and knocked over some things  the principal’s office. Police tried to calm the child, but she refused. As Dray Suicord explained, his department has standards. As far as placing handcuffs on people, “there is no age discriminatin on that rule.”

Now we know why in Georgia Mr. Zimmerman would be found innocent in the death of  Trayvon Martin. We have rules. If the police decide you are out of control, apply the rules. I guess in Georgia this gives permission to parents to handcuff babies who REFUSE TO STOP CRYING! For God’s Sake, you are 3 months old, can’t you learn how to behave??