Handful Of Lawless Monks Create Problems Says China

The mayor of Lahasa, Doje Cezhug, assured the world the so-called demonstrations in his city were caused by a handful of monks working in coordination with some lawless elements connected to the Dalai clique. However, it appears the “handful” has been able to stir up thousands of Tibetans who marched and demonstrated in Lhasa as well as in other cities in provinces such as Sichuan, Qinghai, and Gansun. Initial reports indicate at least 80 people are dead and dozens more wounded as monks and other protestors torched police stations and attacked scores of business establishments. A resident of Aba county in Sichuan said he witnessed a clash between monks and armed police which resulted in the death of at least one policeman while police vehicles were burned,

Monks are leading many of the demonstrations and the Dalai Lama warned the world a process of “cultural genocide” as now taking place in his homeland as Chinese authorities are clamping down on protestors. It appears there has been extensive torching of Chinese run businesses and some reports of beating of Chinese nationals in Lhasa. An apparent fury of latent anger has burst through years of being compelled to remain silent.

Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee, announced his opposition to any form of boycott which would “penalize innocent athletes.” Which comes first, innocent Tibetans or innocent athletes?