Hang Them Till Dead!

Those who seek social justice in India are caught in a dilemma of justice. Four men were sentenced to death by hanging for the brutal murder of a young woman who was not only raped but tortured to death. In an ordinary year in India about 25,000 women are raped. The fear of rape is endemic in India and many woman place their life at risk for the simple act of going into the streets of a town. Judge Yogesh Khanna shouted his anger at the murder of the women and expressed the feelings of millions when he said the four men “should hang by the neck until they are dead.” If 25,000 are raped then one is left to wonder if the solution is 25,000 men hanging by the neck until dead. Frankly, I share the feelings of the judge, given the brutality of what these men did to a woman. Perhaps, they should have had iron bars shoved up their asses until they collapsed in pain. My heart cries out for revenge at the actions of these men. At the same time, my logical mind wonders if death by hanging will actually prevent rape in India.

Frankly, I do not understand how the women of India can be protected against rape. A campaign to end rape must begin in families, in neighborhoods, in schools and in religious groups. It will be a long campaign and during the process the courts must be effective. Above all, it will require a police force which acts decisively against rapist. Frankly, I doubt this will occur within the coming years.