Hanin Zubai IS A Loyal Israeli!

Hanin Zubai is a member of the Israel Knesset and in that role is expected to work for peace and prosperity for her nation. As a member of the legislature, her responsibility is to further the cause of justice and humanity for all who live within Israel as well as those who live in other nations. She decided her government’s policy in Gaza was wrong. If she believes any action by her government is wrong or violates the rights of citizens, it is her RESPONSIBILITY to work to alter such policies. As a member of a legislature which deals with issues concerning the lives of Jews is is her RESPONSIBILITY to further the cause of social justice regardless to the political implications of such actions. The issue is not whether Israel action in Gaza was right or wrong, the issue is that she has a moral responsibility to adhere to her own human values. Those in the American Congress in 2003 who believed Bush policies leading to the invasion of Iraq were wrong had a moral and legal responsibility to oppose that military fiasco.

I am shocked that Ms. Zubai is attacked and deemed a traitor because she disagrees with the policies of the Israel government. In a DEMOCRACY, a member of the legislature is expected to speak out against government policies deemed incorrect. Where did Israelis get the idea that one must agree with all government policies? In a dictatorship one goes along with the government, in a democracy, one opposes government policies. That is the difference between a democracy and a dictatorship.