Hard Line Mugabe Supporters Threaten Coup

President Robert Mugabe has unleashed his thugs to beat and intimidate anyone who opposes his victory in the upcoming run-off election. But, a recent report from the International Crisis Group warns there are elements within the Mugabe government which are prepared to stage a coup and assume power in his name either before or after the election. “There is a growing risk of a coup either bfore a run-off (in a pre-emptive move to deny Tsvangirai victory) or after a Tsvangirai win.” The think tank does not believe Mugbe would allow himself to be humiliated again after his loss in the March election and will do whatever is necesary to maintain power

The ICG urges mediation by African nations and monitoring of the actual run-off election. The group was highly critical of President Mbeki of South Africa who has loyally supported his friend, Mugabe, and ignored the violence and death being committed by the government of Zimbabwe. In any case, if somehow Tsvangrai obtained a majority vote in the run-off, Zimbabwean military leaders will simply step in and claim they must assume power to prevent chaos under the rule of Tisvangirai.