Harvard Greed Shootout

Jeremy Lin has played about twenty five games in the NBA. He did an excellent job during these games and brought excitement to Madison Square Garden. Jeremy  Lin is a Harvard graduate and was taught excellent Harvard skills. Number One is –make the most money you can and screw anyone who gets in your way. After all, you are from Harvard! Jeremy played twenty five games for the New York Knicks who gave him a chance to shine after other teams discarded him.

Jeremy was told by Knick management they wanted him back. He decided to test the market and received an offer of $25 million from the Houston Rockets. Knick management told him they would match the offer. Jeremy went back to Houston and rearranged the $25 million so that he received $14.5 million in the third year. That meant the Knicks would have paid out about $60 million due to going over the gap limit.

James Dolan, owner of the New York Knicks, is an arrogant stupid man who has committed one bungle after another. He would screw anyone. Jeremy is now in Houston. Sorry Jeremy, you will not sell tee-shirts and have the media at your beck and call in Houston, Texas. You could have received the $25 million from the Knicks as well as millions of additional dollars, but you were greedy and arrogant.

Such is the life of Harvard folk. Dollar signs have replaced hearts.  So long Jeremy, welcome to the real world of Houston.