Has Africa Cheered Too Quickly About Mugabe?

The on again off again story of Robert Mugabe agreeing and then not agreeing to share power with Morgan Tsvangirai continues to create chaos in the nation of Zimbabwe which is anxious for stability and a government that can rebuild the nation’s economy. Zimbabwe’s leaders failed to agree on which minister posts would be handled by the Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) and which would remain under control of the thugs and incompetents who owe allegiance to Mugabe before they give any thought as to what is beneficial to their fellow countrymen. MDC spokesperson Nelson Chamisa, said: “The meeting did not produce an agreement and the matter has been referred to the negotiators because of contestations over key ministries.” Mugabe’s Zanu PF party seeks to retain control over the police, finance, the military and information in order to maintain power.

Logic would dictate that a government which has wrecked the economy causing an 14 million inflation rate and sending ten percent of the population fleeing to other nations would like others to assume control over the nation’s economy. But, this is Zimbabwe which is run by Mugabe as his personal fiefdom.