Has America Become An Oligarchy?

Just about everyday there is another report proving that America either is or shortly will become an oligarchy in which rich folk control all aspects of life. It is now clear the upper 1% of Americans control at least 22% of all wealth and that 400 families  make more money than 140,000,000 people. Of course, Republicans see nothing evil in such a maldistribution of wealth since God ordained the rich shall lead the poor and the rich shall enable middle class folk to find his Kingdom up in the sky. Republicans insist if you want to become a millionaire why don’t you get born to someone who has a million dollars?

After all, is it the fault of those born into money who attend Ivy League colleges so they can be hired by Ivy League graduates that the end result is they wind up with more wealth? No one stops anyone from going to Harvard? No one stops anyone from getting a job in a hedge fund and manipulating figures so they can earn a million of day! Stop complaining and work hard.

It is now clear those who fought the Revolution and our wars were fighting for the right of wealthy people to run this country! Look at the bright side:

Poor children will learn to have good manners and say, “yes sir,” and “yes mam.”

There will be plenty of jobs available to poor people to become nannies and maids and build yachts.

We can kill off a lot of babies from poor families and thus reduce welfare rolls.

Poor children will be saved from the boredom of sitting in college classes listening to some professor lecture.

Just remember the St. Louis Cardinals won the world series when all said they never could. I wish poor folk would adopt that attitude and learn if they suffer from malnutrition now they can always afford a Big Mac tomorrow.