Has Anyone Seen Our Helicopters?

The United States air force is trying to find out what happened to four military helicopter engines that somehow never showed up at the port after being sent from the major US base at Bagram air field. According to a spokesperson, “the components went missing en route to port, the exact location is undetermined.” In March, about 40 trucks carrying fuel for US forces were blown up by Taliban militants and over 100 people were wounded. General Abbas of the Pakistan military claims no American officials have contacted him but he will conduct any investigation. US military forces will not reveal the type of engines that were lost or stolen or what since they do not wish to tell militants what they have in their possession.

We do live in strange times when four massive helicopter engines can be stolen and days afterwards no one knows anything about who took them or why or when. It is also incredible that American military leaders actually believe militants could not read markings on the engines in order to figure out what they stole. Then again, no one knows where they are, in fact, they might even still be back at Bagram air field.