I am old enough to remember the first issue of Archie comics and was a devout reader of the strip until I entered the US Army and paid attention to other issues in my life. I was shocked to learn that Archie is still around and still being read by kids. I was even further shocked to learn there is a new character in the comic strip–Kevin Keller. It turns out that his father is a colonel who graduated from West Point and wants Kevin to attend his alma mater. Kevin tells dad he is gay and dad is fairly gay about the entire issue. Finally, Kevin tells dad he still wants to go to West Point and wants his fellow plebes to know he is a gay man in more than one way. Dad responds; “i don’ want to stop you. It takes a special person to serve their country. Someone with heart and courage.”

Gee, will a comic strip finally resolve the entire silly issue about gays and lesbians in service? After all, Jackie Robinson played a role in ending segregation. My only question is: what if Superman outs himself and reveals he is a homosexual because on planet Krypton that is the norm?