Has Obama Betrayed Gays And Lesbians?

There is a growing sense among gays and lesbians that there supposed “fierce advocate” for their rights has displayed a remarkable silent position since becoming president of the United States. They await his fulfillment of a promise to end the ridiculous “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of the armed forces which blatantly discriminates against gays and lesbians even though their goal is to serve to protect the nation which refuses them equal rights. A recent march through Manhattan that protested the California Supreme Court decision denying gay rights also witnessed thousands expressing disappointment with the lack of vigor on the part of Obama whenever gay rights are mentioned. Obama defenders undoubtedly argue he currently is overwhelmed with the economy and terrorism in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, the argument that more important issues are on the Obama plate is a dodge. There will be constant economic issues and fighting all over the world during the coming years. It is simply an excuse for procrastination rather than action. For a man whose fellow African Americans refused to “wait” but insisted on action — now! it is a lame excuse that more important issues must be confronted.