Has Obama Lost Palestinian Trust?

From the beginning of his presidency Barack Obama attempted to convey a sense that he understood feelings of Arabs and wanted to set an independent course that would not give rise to charges he sided too often with Israel. However, over the past few weeks, Palestinians have become disenchanted with his desire to placate Israel by refusing to take firm action to halt further housing developments on the West Bank. Members of President Abbas’ Fatah Party issued a document which expressed their feelings all too well. “All hopes placed in the new US administration and President Obama have evaporated. Obama couldn’t withstand the pressure of the Zionist loby, which led to a retreat from his previous positions on halting settlement construction and defining an agenda for the negotiations and peace.”

We suspect his change of heart had less to do with the Israel lobby and more to do with his personality which dislikes confrontations and takes the easy way out by pretending there is no need to exert pressure on a group or person. He is simply not the type of person who issues a challenge and stands by it.