Has The Taliban Been Turned Back?

Under the administration of George Bush, the former president was constantly issuing statements about, “Mission Accomplished,” or assuring one and all the enemy was on its last legs. These days, President Obama is more likely to be off swimming in the Gulf of Mexico rather than proclaiming victory over anyone or anything. He leaves such messages up to General David Petraeus. The commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan is happy to report, “the momentum that the Taliban have established over the course of recent years has been reversed in many of the areas of the country and will be reversed in the other areas as well.” He did admit “reversing” is not enough, since one must also destroy their “sanctuaries and safe havens. According to Petraeus when an army enters territory of the enemy, they respond with fierce attacks which is good news since the more they fight, the more of the enemy will die. Of course, the more they fight and die the more so do Afghans and Americans and NATO forces die.

Once again, he hedged on the issue of when US troops will commence the departure process from Afghanistan. As far as Petraeus is concerned, July, 2011, is a “date when a process begins, nothing more, nothing less.” In other words, it is a date when “some”American troops will leave, nothing more, nothing less. The others will remain to enter sanctuaries and kill Taliban who will fight back and we will respond with more attacks and they will respond with IDs and attacks, and so on, and so on. In reality, the date of July, 2020 is a greater certainty that all US troops will be gone, the ones still living, that is.