Hassle Me, Says Student, Pay The Price!

After every school killing in which a boy or group of boys gun down fellow students or their teachers, we are provided stories about how life in school was difficult for children and the only alternative they possessed was to resort to violence. A thirteen year old French boy grabbed a shotgun from his home, and headed off to school determined to kill his teachers who he believed had been giving him a rough time. The boy who attended a prestigious Catholic school had been warned to avoid having contact with his teachers and placed in a foster home while awaiting further psychological treatment. Fortunately, his parents notified police and when the boy arrived at school he was greeted by numerous policemen which caused him to dump the guns and head for the nearest Internet cafe to amuse himself. His parents found him and turned the boy over to police.

The unanswered question is how did a thirteen year old boy living in a foster home readily gain access to a shotgun? Didn’t anyone have the common sense to ensure the boy could not obtain a gun?