Hate 101 At San Jose St. University

Three young students attending San Jose St. University are currently being challenged by the school to prove they did not engage in a campaign of hate against their African American roommate. They shall remain nameless because at age 17 one is allowed to be a damn fool and display hate toward your fellow students. These three young men believed it was a joke to display Nazi and Confederate flags in order to insult and bully their black roommate. Heck, what else should college students do but display the swastika Nazi flag in order to prove they are bigots and stupid. They called their fellow student “three fifths” which is how our Constitution termed African American slaves when determining the voting population of a slave holding state in order to decide how many congressmen they would be allotted.

The president of the college is “outraged.” There definitely will be an investigation. A report will be issued.The boys eventually will issue and apology. I assume they will collect their pictures of Herr Adolf Hitler, and eventually will return to school. I am certain they will receive an “A” grade in Hate 101. Just another day of hate and anger in the USA.