Hate A Jew-Hate A Muslim-Both Groups Hated In Europe

Antisemitism and Islamophobia are on the rise in most places in Europe. In contrast to the United States and the United Kingdom where dislike of Jews has remained at a stable rate of about 7% for years, there has been a significant rise in dislike of Jews in most parts of Europe. However, dislike of Muslims is much higher, and the Pew Survey shows “Opinions of Muslims in almost all of these countries(Europe) was more negative than are views of Jews. Almost half of Spaniards and Germans expressed prejudice toward Muslims who are in their nations. The anti-semitism rate has almost doubled in countries like Spain and about one out of three people in Russia or Poland harbor hatred toward Jews.

According to the survey, “Great Britain stands out as the only European country included in the survey where there has not been a substantial increase in anti-semitic attitudes.” The Pew survey indicates people who are prejudiced against these groups come more frequently from those who are aged or who lack extensive education.

One can only wonder to what extent has the Israel-Palestinian conflict played a major role in fostering the growth of anti-semitism just as the presence of terrorism in the world has increased fear and hate of Muslims.