Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician who plays the hate game in order to gain power. He argues that the Muslim religion is one that fosters violence and discriminates against women. He wants to forbid migration of Muslims into his land. A Dutch court ruled that Geert has the right to hate since the essence of a democratic society is that everyone has the right to be a damned fool. It is interesting that Wilders argues to be a member of the Muslim religion is to be part of a violent organization. Hmm. As I recall, the Christian nation of Nazi Germany was responsible for the murder of over thirty million people in World War II. As I recall, in World War I, Christian nations of Europe engaged in a war that resulted in death for over twenty million. I will not go into other wars in colonial areas where innocent people were murdered. Heck in the Congo, over 4,000,000 have died over the past decade and they were not killed by Muslims.

Let’s face it, every religion in the world has its own history of hate, violence and death. The important aspect of this decision is the right of people to express hate, love, misinformation. If spreading lies was a crime, we would have to place in prison every person now seeking the nomination for president of the US as a member of the Republican party.