Hate Drives Politics In Hungary

Hate increasingly is in fashion within European societies dealing with economic disasters. The United States has witnessed the emergence of the Tea Party whose adherents seek blame for economic woes despite the reality most who shout at Tea Party events about their anger toward “big government” voted for George Bush and big government. Last weekend, Hungary had an election and the same mentality resulted in ousting the Socialists from power and giving the Conservative Fidesz Party control of Parliament. But, more disturbing was the rise of the neo-Nazis Jobbik Party which secured 17% of the vote by arousing hate. They blame any economic or social problems on Romas, gays and Jews.

The real question is why do people who normally respect democratic principles jump into the arms of angry haters who MUST find someone to blame rather than examining how their own actions were partially responsible for current economic and social issues. Despite the dramatic rise in college enrollments, we behave as though knowledge never enters our mind and are oblivious of the past.

Hitler will sleep well tonight knowing he has followers in Hungary.