Hate in the world takes many forms. We offer statements about hate from various people in the news.

SARAH PALIN: I hate having my picture taken when my hair is a mess.

JOHN MCCAIN: I hate the hate that lingers in my heart.

GLENN BECK: Hate is my companion in the hour before darkness.

BARACK OBAMA: I hate not being able to carry out my campaign promises.

RUDY GIULIANI: I hate not being the center of attention.

RUSH LIMBAUBGH: Hate makes money, love is just low ratings.

TIGER WOODS: I hate the media for being the media.

NANCY PELOSI: I hate being the bitch of Congress.

JOHN EDWARDS: I hate ruining my career and family because I could not control my penis.

RETIREE: I hate the hate in this nation.

LEBRON JAMES: I hate only being able to make a few measly two hundred million dollars.