Hate Rides The Road In Gaza

The world is focused on conflict between Israel and Hamas, but lost in this fight is  the impact of war and hate on the people of Gaza. Many in Gaza are being bombed by Israel planes which leads some to believe there are spies within their midst who feed information that allows successful air strikes on Hamas leaders. Two days ago the corpse of Ribhi Badawi was dragged behind a motorcycle throughout the streets of Gaza while people cheered.

His widow has another story. Her husband spent the past four years in a Hamas prison where he was constantly tortured and finally confessed to being an Israel spy. According to his wife, “they burned him and  broke his jaw and teeth. He was hanged for 45 days by his arms to make him confess.”

Question: if he was in a prison how did he supply information to the Israel Mossad about targets to bomb? Just asking.