Hatred Lives In South Africa

One would hope that a people who were compelled to live in segregated society where skin color determined education and economic success would be sensitive to issues of multiculturalism. The people of Israel come from a heritage of hatred and persecution, but justify the oppression of Palestinians in their country. The people of South Africa are confronted by over a million refugees from Zimbabwe whose ruler, Robert Mugabe is a tyrant and thug. Former South African President Mbeki allowed this two bit murderer to continue in power and now those driven from the country face hatred and persecution in South Africa. A video is now circulating on YouTube about the beating of an innocent man from Zimbabwe who was attacked and killed by a mob out to get “thieves.” He was walking home from church. Last year mobs roamed through refugee camps attacking and burning and killing in a frenzy of hatred toward those who were “strangers” in their land. Joseph Makota, shrugs and says: “Just being a Zimbabwean is a crime here, you do not have to be a criminal or to be a thief.”

Katlego Matheta, who witnessed the latest murder of an innocent man, sighed and said: “It’s simple to kill a man here. They are not scared to kill here.” Ironically, last year’s World Cup which took place in South Africa witnessed a reduction in hatred, but, alas, the game is over and killing has returned.