Have A US Passport, Get Hassled In Denmark!

The Danish government is instituting tighter checks on individuals carrying American passports who enter their nation, particularly, anyone who is coming from the Middle East. US intelligence has indicated many terrorists are securing an American passport as a way to more readily enter a European nation. Ordinarily, American passports receive less scrutiny than those from other countries. There is growing awareness that “the Americans haven’t had as good a handle on their counter-terrorism as we thought,” noted one Danish official.

As an American I take umbrage on such comments. After all, we have been led by the greatest foe of terrorism in history–George Bush. Just remember there were no terrorists in Iraq until King George sent his army into that nation. We Americans know more about creating terrorism than any country on this planet. OK, so we are better at creating terrorists than capturing them, but you have to admit we are number one in terrorism in one aspect of life.