He Got Away With Murder!

George Zimmerman is a free man and Trayvon Martin is a dead man. Supporters of the NRA and Florida’s Stand Your Ground law frequentl confuse me. I visit a friend, go to get something at a store, am walking back when suddenly I realize that a man is following me. I become frightened, he makes clear that he has a gun, I  become terrified thinking my life is in danger and seek to protect myself. I assume the Stand Your Ground law applies to me. Absolutely NO! It is the guy who threatened MY LIFE who is the one in danger.

A woman juror in the Zimmerman jury claims that Zimmerman “got away with murder” because due to the nature of the trial, Zimmerman was the man standing his ground, not Trayvon Martin! She initially was for conviction of Zimmerman but gave in to other jurors.

Moral of Story:  If you are going to stand your ground, make certain you have a gun!