He Is Signing Out Anyway

There has beeb extensive controversy over the sign language expert who accompanied President Obama at the funeral for Nelson Mandela. Apparently Mr.Janttjie really didn’t know anything about being sign language expert and sort of threw his arms around imitating what he had seen sign language folk do for a living. There are charges that he is a fake, a criminal, a rapist and so on. Why is everyone so upset? We daily have members of the United States Congress speak the English language in words that supposedly make sense, but to whom, I do not know. Republicans want to reduce taxes in order to reduce our debt, and that apparently makes sense to the American people. Republicans want to get people back to working at jobs paying $7.50 an hour which somehow will restore economic prosperity to the nation.

Nelson Mandela is dead. Those who hated him today are hailing him, those who followed him are daily betraying every principle he upheld. So, why get upset because some character out of a comedy decided to play around with his arms. I urge the American government to hire this sign language guy because waving his arms around makes more sense than anything said by Ted Cruz or the “experts” on Fox News.