He Once Was Great

His name is Lech Walesa and once upon a time he was a hero to people of Poland and to the people of the world. Millions in Europe regarded him as a brave warrior in the fight for human rights. At a time when the Soviet Union dominated his  nation, Mr.Walesa openly defied Communist brutality and, he himself, endured beatings and torture. He joined with Catholic leaders of his nation to organize workers in shipyards and to demand an end of tyranny. Mr. Walesa played a key role in ending communism in Poland and leading his nation into a new world in which respect for the dignity of all was central to life.

Yesterday, this brave warrior for peace informed gay people in his country they were not entitled to equal rights, heck, they were not entitled to any rights. As  he put it, “a minority should not impose itself on the majority.” Lech Walesa is now an elderly man. Let us remember the fighter for equal rights, not the man of 2013.