He Shot A Missile Into The Air

Some children play with their iPads, some children play with their toys, and some children play with missiles. Kim Jong-un is basically a little boy who,unfortuantely for the world, has been given an entire nation to play with in his daily life. The pudgy boy with a round face just does not come across as someone you would seek to avoid on a dark night. He is surrounded by all these men wearing uniforms who also enjoy playing war games. Actually, the last time North Korean generals actually engaged in war was about sixty years ago. Of course in war, the other side shoots back. Kim Jong-un has been babbling for weeks about shooting missiles into the air and threatening to wipe out the United States and the entire planet.

Most probably, it is a temper tantrum and after Kim has shouted himself hoarse things will quiet down. Unfortuantely for him, this time there will not be a reward of food and other goodies if he calms down. This has been a tantrum too far.