He Was Only A Chink!

Pvt. Danny Chen was a soldier in Afghanistan. Some reports indicate he was not the world’s best soldier, but in any group of soldiers in any army of the world, there are some outstanding soldiers and most who  are ordinary. Chen was the only Chinese American in his outfit and soon became the butt of harrassment and ridicule. He was taunted with racial epithets, forced to crawl on gravel while being pelted with rocks. He was forced to wear a green helmet and shout ordersw in Chinese. One day while in a guardhouse,  Danny shot himself and died.
Eight men were placed on trial. Five received prison sentences, and two were demoted. All will may be dismissed from the service. The Chen family is upset at what they term lenient punishment. Of course, what is not dealt with is–where were officers during these events? It is difficult believing that an officer did not know anything about the treatment of Private Chen. But, for some reason, no officer will face any punishment!!