Head Teacher Gives A Whack For Learning

Derek Slade was headmaster of St. George’s school which originally was in Norfolk and then moved to Great Finborough was convicted of sexually abusing boys in his classes over a twenty year time period. Prosecutors said Slade imposed punishments using a slipper, a table tennis bat, and his bare hands. He also ordered children who had been beaten to write about the “whackings I have had” and when in a foul mood would simply kick any student who upset him. Slade was arrested after former pupils complained to authorities about two years ago. They admitted never having told parents about the beatings. They were open about how sexual abuse lingered in their minds for decades and always impacted their ideas concerning sexual relations. Slade was also charged with possessing pornographic images of children on his computer. Former students recounted being beaten their first day at school and it was clear he enjoyed the experience of inflicting pain.

In 1982, a BBC program described the beatings and school investigators went to check out the story but could not uncover evidence of any such assaults on children. The real questions to pose are: didn’t even a single parent learn about these beatings and what does failure to uncover the truth indicate about school investigators??