Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Czech Republic, Prague Post: “Swan Song”
Sarah Palin’s last speech?

Norway, Norway Post: “One Case Of Swine Flu”
Let’s work on this and get our numbers up.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Man Hit By Train In Critical Condition”
OK, but how is the train doing?

Sweden, The Local: “Norwegian Employers Prefer Swedes”

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Toxic Storm”
Republican efforts to sabotage health reform.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Trash Pickup Starts Tuesday”
It ends Wednesday.

UK, Guardian: “Stasi File On Michael Jackson”
On Michael Jordan I could understand, but Jackson!

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Saudi Casanova”
It sure ain’t Sasha Cohen!

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Ignore This Message And You Will Die”
Any message about global warming sent to a human.

South Africa, Argus: “Are Doctors Doing Enough”
Depends on whether you are the insurance company or the patient.

UK. The Independent: “Pregnancy Alert”
I have a hunch one pregnancy alert caught the Palin family by surprise.