Each day we offer selections from headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Greece, Kathimerini: “Missing Czechs”
Is money missing or people?

Germany, Der Spiegel: “Fewer Germans In The Future”
OK, but what about beer– less or more?

UK, The Independent: “Social Worker Paid Girls To Pose Topless”
It certainly was mighty social of him to get to the bare truth.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Police Check Satan Worshippers”
Imagine, people worshipping without covering their heads!

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “It’s Raining Men-hallelujah!
For women, that is.

UK, Guardian: “MP Demands Investigation Into Torture”
Which is worse, enduring a parliamentary investigation or being tortured?

Sweden, The Local: “Rats Run Riot”
Every evening on Fox News.

Germany, The Local: “Police Patrols Check Penguins’ Papers”
Those terrorists will stop at nothing even pretending to be penguins.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “I Made Some Mistakes, But Look At The Good I Did”
Yes, Bernie Madoff, if not for you, Mrs. Madoff would only have a few million.

Denmark,Copenhagen Post: “Man Returns Arm To Library”
Sorry, no books returned means you pay a ten cents a day fine.