Headlines From The World Press

Each week we present a survey of world press headlines accompanied by our observations.

Norway, Aftenbladet: “Police Reception Center Closed On Saturday”
OK, criminals, you must take a day off at least once a week on Saturday.

China, Shenzhen Daily: “Garbage Plant Shut Down”
There is something smelly about this story.

Australia, Canberra Times: “George Bush- I Will Miss Being Commander-in-Chief”
I just don’t think the troops will miss not having him.

Sweden, The Local: “Nurses Oppose Breast Feeding Guidelines”
This is really a breastless story.

USA, The Post: “Public Panties”
Exactly who is complaining?

Qatar, Arab Times: “Police Halt Naked Pumpkin Runners”
But, the women were wearing a chador.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Aussie Arrested Breaking Into Police Station”
It’s a lot easier breaking in than out.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Headless Body Found In Bali”
The body was found in Australia.

Sweden, The Local: “Police Solve 6% of Swedish Crimes”
That reassures me, only 94% not solved.

Australia, The Age: “No Communion For Evil Obama Supporter”
I believe Hell is for angels.

Norway, Aftenbladet: “Norwegians Behind Donald Duck”
Big deal, the people of Alaska are behind Daffy Duck.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “1.5 Million Sheep To Be Imported”
For eating or for you know what?

Czech Republic, Prague Daily Monitor: “Czechs Top Europe Cannabis Use”
Now, we know who are the happy Europeans.