Each day we offer a review of headlines in the world press along with our comments.

Singapore, Straits Times: “Wave Of Death At Zoo”
Once again we see what happens when you elect an African American as president.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post; “Suspected Terrorist’s Parents Disappear”
I assume they were taken by terrorists.

Turkey, Zaman: ‘Police Chief’s Secrets”
He is a closet criminal?

Israel, Jerusalem Post: “British Trade Unions Boycott Israel Goods”
Yes, boycott Israel, but allow in Chinese, Sudan and Congo goods!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Sex, Lies, Visit Denmark”
Why, I can stay in America and get plenty of sex and lies.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “What’s Eating Me?”
Rush, Glenn, Lou, Bill and other such loud mouths.

South Africa, Argus, “Lessons To Be Learned”
Elect an African American as president and the voices of hate erupt!

UK, The Independent: “Rubbish Wars Sign Of Times”
Tea Party and NRA nut cases prove there is rubbish all over.

Hungary, Budapest Times: “War Over Words”
I don’t mind a war over words, but I do mind a war over nothing but virulent hate.