Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Birth Defect People Don’t Talk About”
Being born to Tea Party Republicans nuts and thinking as they do.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Sex,–Free Healthy, Good”
Spread it around is my slogan, spread it around.

USA, Army Times: “Equipment Exodus Begins In Iraq”
Hopefully, followed by human exodus.

UK, The Independent: “Polanski Arrested Over Underage Sex Charge”
Are people ever arrested for OverAge sex charges?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Gun Pointed At Puppy”
Growl or get it.

Sweden, The Local: “Casino Gunmen Sentence Confirmed”
I guess he drew a pair of deuces.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Police Bust Arms Ring”
Now, they will pursue legs and torsos.

Finland, Helsinki Times: “There’s More To Life Than Work”

Netherlands, Radio Netherlands: “Hitting Children Good, Says Churchman”
Spoken like a true disciple of Christ.

Hungary, Budapest Sun: “Great Tits Acquire Taste For Bats”
I’ll pass on this one.