Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Law Stops Blind Of Voting Privacy”
I suspect voting blind is what most of us should do.

Sweden, The Local: “Anglicans Snub Swedish Gay Bishop”
I guess they prefer un-gay bishops.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Appointment To Get Toilet”
One gets a number to eat, why not a number to shit.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “College Students Turn Up Missing”
If they are missing,how can they turn up?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Cocoa Krispies Won’t Save You From Flu”
However, it will save you from getting thin.

UK, Guardian: “Company Offers Anti-Mafia Holidays”
They only kill tourists on Tuesdays.

Finland, Sanomat: “Thai Hospitals Welcome Foreign Tourists”
Just leave a check with the secretary before the surgery.

Singapore, Straits Times: “Married Couple Murdered”
By one another?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Dentists Questioned”
They were drilled by the cops.