Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Guinea Pig Killer Gets Suspended Sentence”
He will spend his time working in a kosher butcher shop.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “School Principal Sex Sentence Too Lenient”
You don’t think staying in a corner wearing a dunce cap is not severe enough?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Robin Hood Banker Awaits Jail”
He robs from the Bankers and gives to the Tellers.

UK, Guardian: ‘Prince Praises Bridge Collapse Policeman”
He did an outstanding job of ensuring the bridge collapsed.

UK, The Independent: “Iraq War Was Illegal”
Does that mean all those who died will now be allowed to come back to life?

Sweden, The Local: “Death By Elk”
Will he be sent to a National Park to do his time?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Santa Clause Promises To Write”
His letters will be postmarked at the North Pole.

Finland, Helsinki Times: “You Expect Me To Eat That?”
OK, so you don’t want a Big Mac, would a Wendy burger do instead?