Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Study Shows Bacteria Elderly Hospital Deaths”
I assume they are young bacteria out to get even with their elders.

UK, The Independent: “Nursery Worker Jailed Indefinitely”
Three years in daycare is the sentence.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Booing Asbestos Market”
Suing might be better than booing.

South Africa, Argus: “Lolly Goes On Offense”
Pop goes the lolly.

UK, Guardian: ‘Kills Wife With Remote”
Why not just click her away?

Japan, Japan Times: “What Do You Make Of Japan’s Youth”
They are short?

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Sewage Repair Work”
Boy, this story smells to high heaven.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Doctors To Be Paid”
Now, will patients be cured?

Turkey, Zaman: “PM Erdogan Vows To End Terrorism”
If he did, what would they talk about on talk shows–the weather?

Qatar, Khaleej Times: “Berlusconi Set To Leave Hospital”
He will be accompanied by the entire nursing staff.

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    When you think about what is going on in Sudan, god these headlines seem so trivial.