HeadLines From The World Press

Each week we offer headlines from the world press.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Mermaid Discovery Confirmed”
She was found clutching the WMD

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Not So Loveless After All”
George, you still are loved by Laura and your dog, Barney

Australia, The Age: “Man Dies 35 Years After Shooting”
The medical insurance forms finally all got filled out.

Sweden, The Local: “Meatballs Reign Supreme In Sweden”
Big deal, I bet those meatballs are not as big as ours in the White House

India, Times of India: “Goa Resort Owner Robs Tourists”
Physically or with the bill?

China, China Daily: “Robber Phones Cops”
Collect, I assume.

Norway, Aftenbladet: “Norwegian Wind Mills In Scotland”
I guess they want be generating any energy in Norway.

Malaysia, Straits Times: “Smart Trains To Close”
They will be replaced by dumb trains.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Rubbish Bin Dispute”
Enough of this trash talk.

Kuwait, Arab Times: “Air Hostesses Sacked For Over Weight”
Do they ever fire people for being under weight?

Sweden, The Local: “Record Number of Sex Ads”
In these hard economic times, what better thing to do than sex?

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Bush Policies Utter Failure”
Now, they tell me.

Ireland, Irish Independent: “13,000 Poles Leave Ireland Each Week”
There must be a lot of bulbs to screw in back home in Poland.

Yemen, Yemen Times: “How Much Worse Can Yemen Get”
Try living in Saudi Arabia if you are a woman.

UK, The Independent: “Irish Pork Cleaned From Shelves”
It will be replaced by kosher meat.