Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Israel, Jerusalem Post: “Whose Dove Of Peace?”
Hopefully, a Jewish one.

Canada, Toronto Star: Did Leno Kill Tonight Show?”
I have a hunch it was killed by the Internet.

UK, Guardian: “Cameron: Our Duty To Win Elections”
I thought it was the duty of politicians to serve the people.

US, Stars & Stripes: “Army testing Policy On Civilian Assaults”
I guess if you can’t beat the Taliban, why not take a shot at US civilians.

Sweden, The Local: “Gang Leader Walks Out Of Prison Exercise Yard”
It WAS an exercise yard, wasn’t it?

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “PM Defends Ban On Opposition Candidates”
At least the Iraqis have finally learned good old Chicago democratic politics.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Woman Jumps Into Lake After Nightmare”
She dreamed to be in the US Congress listening to discussions on healthcare.

China, China Daily: “Time To Go Home”
American soldiers?

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Times: “Boycott Male Lingerie Shops”
I’d love to see some males wearing lingerie, wouldn’t you?

South Africa, Argus: “Zuma Not Involved In Student Arrest”
Whew! At least one female student did not get impregnated!