Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Are Liberals And Atheists Smarter?”

UK,The Independent: “I Sold My Bizarre Story”
Sarah Palin’s claim.

India, Times of India: “Spread Color Of Love”
Republicans can certainly qualify for spreading the color of hate

Czech Republic, Prague Post: “A League Of Their Own”
After 870 straight wins, the U of Connecticut female basketball team needs its own league.

Sweden, The Local: “Bus Driver Kicks Gay Man Off Bus”
That’s not very gay of him.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Solo Sex Gone Wrong”
I’l have to get a hand on this story.

China, China Daily: “Beggars Can’t Choose Site To Beg”
I think this begs the question of where they can beg.

UK, Guardian: “Hospital Suspends Surgery After Four Deaths”
Why not go for ten?

USA, Army Times: “New Rules For IED Blasts”
Walk lightly?