Headlines From The World Press

Each week, we offer a review of the World Press along with our comments.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Surfer Stable After Shark Attack”
OK, but what about the shark- is it stable?

China, China Daily: “August 8 Named Fitness Day”
You are allowed to be unfit the other 364 days.

Sweden, The Local: “Sweden To Ban Mercury”
At least they haven’t banned Venus and Mars.

Finland, Sanomat: “Sea Creatures Get Health Checkup”
This ensures when you are bitten by a shark, it did pass the health test.

Australia, West Australian: “New Trains To Hit Tracks”
I assume there are new tracks to make sure the new trains can run.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Lottery For Ambulance Drivers”
The winner gets to zip through red lights.

Germany, The Local: “Railway Ticket Machines Crash”
A lot better than the trains crashing.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Scabies Hit Denmark”
I think I’ll scratch this story from what I read.

China, Shanghai Daily: “Hu Calls For Railroad Brainstorm”
OK, guys, first we get some trains, then we get some passengers, anyone with other ideas?

Kuwait, Arab Times: “World Bids Farewell To Bushisms”
Yeh, but we Americans have to live with Bushisms for years to come.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “British Police Search For Missing Katrina”
I believe she blew through here a few months ago.

Germany, The Local: “Ban Prostitution Near Schools”
I guess someone is against sex education for children.

Australia, The Age: “A Daughter’s Shocking Secret”
I just found out, my father is George Bush!!