Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “FBI Most Wanted List Fascinating”
For some reason the names of Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush are not on it.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Sexless In The City”
Story of my life

UK, Guardian: “BA Flies 60% Of Passengers”
The rest can take the nearest stork or walk.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Jogger Wearing IPod Killed By Plane On Beach”
Doesn’t everyone know not to have an IPod on the beach where planes land?

South Africa, Argus: “God Is My Savior”
An expression uttered by every petty tyrant.

Australia, Smith.com: “Steals Millions To Get Prostitutes”
Have you tried Viagra to get up on connections with prostitutes?

Japan, Japan Times: “Running Against The Wind”
A feeling all too common for Barack Obama?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Pigs Slaughtered In Traffic”
OK, let’s blame Mossad for this one!

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Day Of Silence”
Can we get that law passed in Congress to govern their behavior?

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Iran Offers Diplomas To Slash Divorce Rate”
Exactly what is taught in Divorce 101? Silence?

Russia, Moscow Times: “Drunken Pilot Blamed”
I suspect some pilots are better off drunk than sober.