Each day we offer a sample of headlines from the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Passenger Tells Kid to Shut Up On Plane”
Could he please go to Congress and deliver the same message?

Sweden, The Local: “Should Elk Be On Coin Instead Of King?”
Put it this way, the elk gives more to people in terms of food than any king.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Stabbed After U Turn”
You should always drive straight ahead.

Egypt, Egypt Daily News: “TV Footage Of President Mubarak Talking”
Yeah, but was he walking?

Russia, St. Petersburg Times: “Cops Bust Gang Of Priests”
This is what is termed a, “hail Mary” arrest.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: ‘Long Term Illness Should Not Prevent Work”
Where else would you like to be on your last day on Earth than at work?

Russia, Moscow Times: “Senator Associated With Graft Steps Down”
And, the others, I assume, step up?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Mother’s Body Under Hotel Bed For Six Days”
I assume the bed was made. It’s that under the bed stuff that is hard to do.