Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

China, China Times: “Night Clubs Suspended For Using Hostesses”
Prostitutes yes, hostesses no.

Netherlands, Radio Netherlands: “Minister Resigns Over Extra-Marital Affair”
Steal money, be corrupt, but no sex with non-wife.

Portugal, Portugal News: ‘Pope Decries Gay Marriages”
He only wants sad marriages.

“Finland, Sanomat: “Begging To Be Banned”
Will this prevent Wall Street to cease begging for bailouts?

India, Times Of India: ‘No More Fat Wars”
Only thin men will be allowed to fight.

Poland, Warsaw Post: “Fewer Poles Attend Church”
Is this good or bad news?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Hit By Bus”
The bus is doing well in the hospital.

USA, Army Times: “Army Recalls 44,000 Helmets”
However, 44,000 soldiers will remain in Iraq.

South Africa, Argus: “We Are Serious About Rooting Out Corruption”
In fact, we have been paid to ensure there is no corruption, except for us, that is.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Weather To Improve”
In St. Louis, that means an hour from now.

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